Permatreat Case Study

PermaTreat of Fredericksburg  Working closely with the owners of PermaTreat, the team developed an enduring brand identity.   A strategic communications plan was created which included a branding strategy, a uniquely designed website, a video, brochures, business cards, billboards, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a social media presence, accessibility across many platforms and screen sizes, print and radio ads.  The goal was to effectively use the advertising budget to create a recognizable regional, community level identity for this franchise.  Since completing their initial branding campaign they were able to recognize a reduction in advertising cost with a more than 50% increase in leads.



Responsive Website designed to work seamlessly across all platforms and screen sizes.


Multiple placements of billboards to promote brand recognition with call to actions.


Example of social media header.


Business card design done for all employees.