Newspaper Publications Case Study

The University of West Florida utilized newspaper and magazine publications frequently. Following are a few examples of different campaigns and events that were advertised in local publications in the surrounding areas of Pensacola, FL.

University of West Florida’s WUWF I Make It Possible ad campaign

The I Make It Possible campaign was brought to life to showcase all of the people who make public broadcasting possible through their donations. The campaign started with four showcases of individuals and was so well accepted it expanded to a total of 13 people who stepped forward and wanted to be a part of the campaign. Each ad stuck to the same template with focus on the person and their quote beside them. To accomplish this there was creative direction provided to the photographer to get the space and layout needed for the designs. Each story needed to be made to fit several different publication sizes for all the different papers in the surrounding areas.


University of West Florida presents: Ladysmith Black Mambazo

News paper ad made to reflect the poster made to advertise the local showing of Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The design was made to reflect the African culture of the performers while also providing the information about the event in a clear manor.


University of West Florida presents: Gallery 88

Newspaper ad created to promote a gallery showing sponsored by the local WUWF PBS station that was focus on technology in the modern age. The ad used a nice showcase piece of photography to give the viewer an idea of what would be at the event while also providing clear information beside it.